29 August 2022

Technical Inspection

DEKRA Technical Inspection: What you need to know

Next to buying a house and paying for your studies, buying a car is one of the biggest purchases one can make during your lifetime. Despite a vehicle being a big investment, most people take a passive approach to vehicle technical inspections. Minor vehicle checks such as oil levels and tyre pressure can only go so far in ensuring that your vehicle is in tip-top shape. To ensure safety and the need for costly repairs, car Technical inspections are key.

DEKRA Technical Inspection

The Technical inspections is a premium vehicle inspection product offered by DEKRA. This inspection is done by a DEKRA technician, providing the reader with high-quality, detailed, and easy-to-understand information regarding the technical and mechanical condition of the vehicle.

The Dekra Technical inspections can help identify potential problems before they become serious. If you're uncertain about a vehicle's mechanical or technical status, a Dekra Technical inspections can provide valuable information to help you make informed decisions. DEKRA requires a booking for all technical inspections. Find a DEKRA branch near you to book a Technical Inspection.

Why should you get the DEKRA Technical Inspection


Safety is the most important, and the obvious reason to get your vehicle checked. A vehicle defect found during a Dekra Technical inspections can save you problems later and it will help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns. Taking your car in for these kinds of checks and inspections ensures that not only you are safe on the road, but other people as well.

Peace of mind

Knowing your car is safe to drive gives you a feeling of ease. We rely on our vehicles daily to take us to and from work and school, and to run errands. Investing in the Dekra Technical inspections is a proactive step in preventing car troubles that would impact our lives. Knowing that your vehicle is safe to drive offers peace of mind that you or your passengers will be safe and that your daily routine will not be interrupted by car problems.

Saves you money

Car issues build over time. With a Technical Inspection, small issues are caught and fixed before they turn into big issues, which will save money. These little problems, although fixable, are most often not easy to detect. A certified vehicle inspector can help identify them before they become attention-grabbing sounds or cause breakdowns. Technical inspections do cost money but identifying small problems before they turn into big problems can save you money in the long run.

Spend less on fuel

Saving on fuel is a worthwhile benefit with fuel prices on the rise. Minor problems can cause your vehicle to operate at a higher cost and with a Technical Inspection these problems can be eliminated before they become costly to repair.

Multi-Point Check vs Technical Inspection

The Multi-Point Check covers over 35 key points of the vehicle. A DEKRA Multi-Point Check is one of the key elements of preventative vehicle maintenance, which is important for addressing any potential issues with your vehicle before they lead to more dangerous failures or expensive repairs. The Multi-Point Check is one of the key elements for preventive maintenance. What points are covered by the Dekra Multi-Point Check? Here's a list of what gets inspected during a Multi-Point Check.

The Dekra Technical inspections is a premium vehicle inspection product undertaken by a DEKRA technician. The inspection report provides readers with high-quality information that is easy to read and covers the technical and mechanical inspection of the vehicle. The Multi-Point Check is less detailed when compared to the Technical Inspection. The Dekra Technical inspections is more comprehensive.

Now that you know more about the DEKRA Technical Inspection. Get your vehicle inspected at a branch near you. It is important to note that all technical inspections require booking.